Traffic Control Plans are bullies

How Traffic Control Plans Are Like A School Bully

Traffic Control Plans can be mean. Did you ever deal with a school bully? Maybe you weren’t the one being bullied, (maybe you were the bully) but inevitably we run into the school bully at some point in our lives.

My dad used to give me joke advice about the first day at a new school: Go up to the biggest kid in school and start a fight with him. Even if you lose, people won’t want to mess with you.

I followed my own theory,

And it worked out pretty well: Be friends with everyone, especially the school bully.

A traffic control plan for a construction traffic zone is a lot like a school bully because bad ones are mean, and really end up kicking your butt. Also, you should befriend your traffic school plan like a school bully, so it’s on your side working for you instead of against you. All bullies follow a certain similar behavior pattern, so it’s easy to spot a bully once you know that pattern.

Bad Ones Are Mean (And really kick your butt)

Everyone knows mean bullies are bad, even not-so-mean bullies are bad. They’re the bad guys.
But what you really don’t want is a bad bully that’s mean.
A bad bully that’s mean will really kick your butt. In traffic construction zone-land, getting your butt kicked can be really catastrophic for a business, a budget, the community, and its road users. So you don’t want a bully of a traffic control plan, now do you?

You Should Befriend Your Traffic Control Plan
The best way to prevent a school bully from kicking your butt is to befriend them early. A traffic control plan should be created by a quality traffic safety company who can communicate very effectively with its client. Traffic control training, statewide safety protocols, traffic management experience, and quality traffic control products are just a few things a traffic construction safety company can bring to the table to make sure you and your traffic control plan are friends and not enemies. Because otherwise, you will have your butt kicked.

Pattern Recognition: What Makes A School Bully
Bullies follow a behavioral pattern. They’re acting out for attention and significance. They’re reflecting their inner hurt with external manifestation. TCP’s can be violent. They can be damaging and reckless, and They can hurt you and make life rough for people.

Traffic Control Plans

Traffic control plans are really no different. If they are underdeveloped and under delivered, they will reflect that lack of care and attention in their execution. The effectiveness of a traffic construction safety control process is a direct reflection of the quality of its traffic control plan.

You want to have the school bully on your side.

You don’t want a bad bully to kick your butt. It’s best to befriend your bully. You want your traffic control plan on your side. Poorly prepared traffic control plans are like bullies; they act out for significance and attention. Get your traffic plan on the same page plan by consulting a quality traffic safety company.

One great traffic control company in California is City Rise Safety, who handles rental of traffic management equipment, and maintains the highest quality traffic control products. They have excellent traffic control training and staff and over deliver on customer service 10 times out of 10. If you’re in California give them a call or visit their website. As well as if you’re in another state, try Google searching for traffic construction safety companies your local area. If you can’t find any that way, maybe it’s time for you to start your own traffic control company!

City Rise Safety Services Traffic Control Plans, Flagging, Signs, and, Equipment
City Rise Safety Services Traffic Control Plans, Flagging, Signs, and, Equipment