Do you need an engineered traffic control plan?

What is a Engineered Traffic Control Plan, Why is it Important?

Engineered Traffic Control Plan, learn how it helps you. If you’re like many motorists you see a sign ahead that says, “Road construction prepare to stop.” This disappoints you, you might say in dread “Oh no,” or it might even make you angry. This will delay your progress even though with an efficiently designed and executed “Traffic Safety Plan” the delay usually turns out to be minimal—only a couple minutes.

Instead you see a “flagger” ahead,

a man with a sign that says “Reduce Speed” and you think to yourself, but I’m in a hurry.

Very little thought perhaps is given to the need for a road repair so you can continue to use the road you’re driving on now because without the repairs the road will eventually become unusable, a field of un-drivable potholes.  To get where you need to be, the road construction must take place, it benefits you. Members of the driving public can better understand and express gratitude to the hard working crews who repair the roads we all depend on.

The work contains an element of danger. It can be dangerous to be a member of a construction crew in a roadway working near passing traffic.

You might have seen a sign near roadwork that poignantly asks you to slow down with the exclamation “Give ‘em a brake.”

Why do we need traffic control plans anyway and what is a Engineered Traffic Control Plan?

Traffic control with perhaps a bit of irony it might be said is figuratively a sort of delicate juggling act, designed to protect road construction workers from you the driver, and you from yourself. None of us wants to become involved in an accident.

Yet we need to get where we need to go in as timely a manner as possible.

Developing a workable traffic safety plan with as little disruption as possible to safely divert traffic so vital road surfaces can be improved or repaired is what City Rise Safety Services, California’s leading traffic control company, is all about.

City Rise Safety Services engineers highly trained in specialized traffic control perform detailed analyses of road work to be done, and using state-of-the-art digital computerized analytics; develop a traffic safety plan specific to a project that supports the road work much like the perfect size shoe would fit your foot.   

The most basic goal is,

to warn you that road construction is taking place ahead, get you to slow down and to route traffic around or through an ongoing road construction project in as safe and timely a manner as possible.

It may sound simple on the surface. It isn’t.

An Engineered Traffic Control Plan,

must take into account numerous factors; time of day or night the work is to take place, lane closures, peak travel periods, different types of users, autos, pedestrians, bicyclists, as well as access for emergency responders such as fire and ambulance. In addition, the plan has to satisfy a number of community groups beyond drivers, for example, nearby property owners and transit bus or rail users. What traffic control equipment needs to be placed is given careful consideration, traffic cones, arrow boards and other devices, influenced by the particular topography of a construction site, hills, blind curves, nearby pedestrian crossings and a host of other considerations.

A variety of signs is used to warn drivers about the presence of workers and red-colored cones in the roadway separate traffic from the roadwork.

Engineered Traffic Control Plan,

reduces speed and diverts traffic in a safe manner, with as little interference as possible to the normal flow of traffic. Studies have shown that minimizing changes in the normal driving pattern as much as possible decreases the chances for an accident.

At City Rise Safety Services engineers provide the knowledge, expertise and planning to make road construction projects happen through traffic control plans that protect both workers and motorists. The company also offers rentals and can provide whatever traffic control equipment is needed for a project.

All of it with one goal in mind, to get the motorist back on a good road to wherever they want to go. City Rise Safety Services has locations throughout the state and covers all of California. For more information call 844-328-1936 or go to

City Rise Safety Services Engineered Traffic Control Plan, Flagging, Signs, and, Equipment
City Rise Safety Services Engineered Traffic Control Plan, Flagging, Signs, and, Equipment